Eva Anderson: Educator, writer, legislator

The People of our Past program coming up on Saturday, Feb. 5 is an interactive educational event in which actors dress up like historic figures from Wenatchee Valley history. It’s an opportunity for locals to learn about our shared history and those who helped make this area a rich, vibrant and culturally bountiful place to inhabit.

Eva Anderson is one such pillar of Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington history.

Anderson was an educator first and foremost. She served as Douglas County
School Superintendent, president of the Washington Education Association and
Dean of Girls at Wenatchee High School.

She received a PhD in Education from the University of Washington and was on that institution’s board of regents as well. In addition she was a published author and legislator and tirelessly fought for public education and school funding in the state.  

Anderson is just one of the historical figures that will be represented at the People of Our Past event beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 5. And we will be highlighting a few more in the weeks before this exciting and fun annual event.


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