Launch a Rocket, Learn about Your Meal – Have a Super Spring Break at the Museum!

If you’re still looking for something for your child to do during Spring break there’s still time to register for our Super Spring Break Classes, April 4-7 at the Museum.

We’ve got two great Spring break events, Rocket Power and Kids In the Kitchen, and your child can have an enriching experience, learn something and have fun in the process!

For Kids in the Kitchen instructor Jan Clark will encourage students to try new things and learn about where their food comes from.

She’s been teaching this Super Spring Break class for years and says she’s had students come back for 5 years in a row now. She said she wants them to leave feeling great and believing that healthy food can taste good too!

Jan and the kids talk a lot about the science of food – what leavens the pancakes, how steam cooks differently from dry heat and such and also learn the basics of measuring, food and kitchen safety when making creative changes versus recipes.

This year Jan will be helping kids prepare a plethora of healthy and delicious meals! One day they’ll be preparing won tons with Asian Lime dipping sauce (the wontons will be steamed in a bamboo steamer), spring rolls (made w/ rice paper wrappers that hold thinly sliced vegetables and chicken) and egg foo yung.

On another day they’ll be making omelet wraps, granola and smoothies.

They’ll also prepare mini Dutch baby pancakes with fruit sauce and explore some some healthy dips – including hummus, pita pocket sandwiches and yogurt “cheese” and fresh herbs to go with fresh veggies.

For sweets they’ll have carrot cake cupcakes decorated with “frosting grass” and little Easter eggs.

There’s still time to register your child for our Super Spring Break classes and prices are about $60. For details, call the museum at 888-6240.


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